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At the dawn of e-commerce, this definition was quite comprehensive and meant using any device for making online purchases.

However, in recent years, the number of sales from mobile devices has increased so much that a new definition, mobile commerce (m-commerce), has emerged.

What is the difference between electronic commerce and mobile commerce, and is it important to separate them? Keep reading our article to learn about the latest trends in m-commerce and the keys to a successful mobile commerce app.

Some Statistics

In 2021, the number of smartphone users worldwide has reached almost 4 billion. …

There are already too many online stores! Why start another one?

Undeniably, there are numerous stores on the Internet. But you must agree that few of them are attractive enough to purchase there, not to mention coming back.

If you think about how to start an online retail business, in other words — do e-commerce, there is no reason to give up this idea. But first, do comprehensive research, study the issue thoroughly, and take a few important steps. Check them out in our guide.

Let’s return to the first point: there are too many online stores. Is this a…

How E-Commerce Software Can Help Your Business | SolveIt

For most people, online shopping has long become a habit, and with the COVID-19 pandemic onset, going online has turned out to be the only chance for a business to survive. This has resulted in an increased demand for apps development.

But we know what business owners care about the most: what if the app doesn’t pay off? How to beat competitors? How to stand out and not waste budget?

Read the answers to these and other questions in this article with a comment from the SolveIt expert.

How E-Commerce Software Can Improve Your Business

Even with the easing of coronavirus restrictions, people are not in a…

SolveIt, a mobile and web development company, is launching its revamped website. A complete site redesign was made, and new expertise, services, and cases were added due to the company’s growth. Desktop

SolveIt has been developing web, iOS, and Android applications since 2016. Over the five years of existence, the company has expanded significantly, so it was decided to develop a new website to reflect these changes. SolveIt technical architects, marketers, and UX/UI designers worked on navigation and usability. The site redesign and updating took six months.

The SolveIt site update is quite an event, and here is why:

New Design

The modern…

The demand for IT specialists is growing every day and the competition is increasing. Professional skills are no longer enough to build a career in a good company. Employers have also begun to pay attention to soft skills. In this article we will talk with SolveIt’s Head of HR about the importance of soft skills in the IT industry, what soft skills are necessary and how to improve them.

Skills can be divided into two categories:

— Hard skills are technical skills directly related to professional qualifications that can be proven by certifications;

— Soft skills are personal skills that do not relate to a specific position but increase the professional level of employees.

Why does an IT specialist need soft skills?

1. Increase the probability of a successful interview

If an employer needs to choose between two candidates with the same “hard” skills, the choice will be made in favor of the one who also has good “soft” skills. It is more advantageous for the company to hire a qualified employee who also knows how to manage the work process and build good communication…

Freelancers or companies? It is the most important question for startups and small businesses. This article will tell you about how freelancers and companies work and it will help you to choose the right option.


Freelancers are independent workers, who work for themselves, without a company. They can choose a convenient work schedule, and also can work with several clients at the same time.

A freelancer creates a portfolio with skills, knowledge, completed projects, hourly price and contact information on freelance platforms. Clients can communicate with several candidates and hire the best variant for their projects.

The most popular freelance platforms

  1. Guru
  • Cost-effective
  • Used by…

It is a prospective and good-paid career for today. Web programming languages are intended to deal with Internet technologies. How long does it take to learn web development?

Developers have tools and knowledge to create websites from the start. Many businesses and companies need web development for different purposes. Knowing how to create a website opens up a world of opportunity for you. It is an ability to work from the office or from other comfortable places all over the world.

  • Front-end developers are responsible for the parts of a website that people see and interact with;
  • Back-end developers are…

Give us a quick overview on SolveIt. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?

Our journey started small in scale, I was a developer and already knew everything inside out. More projects came up, clients liked our approach to business and the quality of our services. I gathered a team of the most experienced developers and founded SolveIt. Initially, we were only doing mobile apps, now we have a team of 51 professionals and 18 services to effectively solve customer problems.

What is your role in the management…

What Is a Web Development Framework?

Web frameworks designed to write web applications. Frameworks consist of many different libraries that facilitate the development of a software product or website. Web application development frameworks are collections of different tools. Frameworks vary in their capabilities and functions, depending on the tasks set. They define the structure, set the rules, and provide the necessary set of development tools.

Development is definitely not an easy process. It includes many different tasks — planning, coding and testing. Frameworks make developers’ work easier by allowing them to control the entire software development process from a single platform.

The programming interface (API) and…

The IT sphere is a fast-growing digital space where developers always need to be in touch with trends. Today we will take a look into the future of mobile app development industry and will talk about the Top 5 trends, give examples of successful cases from global brands.

TOP 5 Mobile Technology Trends

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is the basic trend of the future of mobile development. AI will be connected with the most applications, using technologies such as predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms, and analyzing the user behavior. …


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