Best AI Business Ideas for Startups to Try In 2024

5 min readJun 7, 2024


The global interest in AI is overwhelming. It captivates more and more innovators and entrepreneurs across diverse industries. Currently, around 67,000+ AI companies operate worldwide, and their number is expected to grow.

Speaking of AI in the mobile app sector, projections are also quite promising. Statistics predict the growth from $5.5 billion in 2023 to $38.5 billion by 2028. And that’s justified as AI presents a plethora of opportunities for startups aiming to disrupt markets.

Investors are taking notice too. AI startup ideas often attract funding more easily due to the immense potential of this technology. AI’s transformative capabilities can revolutionize numerous industries, from healthcare and finance to marketing and logistics.

This article delves into AI business ideas for startups in 2024, encouraging you to harness the power of AI and develop a groundbreaking mobile app.

How businesses use AI: benefits and key considerations

Just imagine the scale — an impressive 83% of companies prioritize the integration of AI business opportunities into their strategies.

Based on findings from a recent survey by Forbes, AI penetration takes place in businesses spanning various sectors. Predominantly, AI applications are deployed in customer service, with 56% of businesses leveraging this technology. AI solutions in cybersecurity have been adopted in 51% of enterprises. Popular AI use cases also include digital personal assistants, content production, accounting, and supply chain operations, among other domains.


As you see, developing an AI-driven product can be an exciting prospect, as indicated by recent AI statistics highlighting its capacity to boost workforce productivity and industry growth. But before you rush to bring your AI startup ideas to life, carefully consider if they really align with your resources and goals.

During the discovery phase of your project, ask yourself: what problem are you trying to solve? Is AI truly the best approach, or could a more traditional solution be sufficient? If AI is the answer, make sure you have enough investment, resources, and specialized expertise to build and maintain such a complex system.

15 Most profitable AI business ideas for startups

Innovation is the lifeblood of startups, and artificial intelligence offers a vast landscape for top-notch app ideas. Where can your vision take you? Let’s explore some of the most promising AI product ideas to inspire you to new endeavors.

Best AI business ideas #1: AI-driven social apps

AI can revolutionize social apps by going beyond simple connections. When analyzing user data like interests, activities, and online behavior, AI algorithms can create smarter connections between people and offer more personalized content recommendations. If you already have a social networking app, you can empower it with additional AI capabilities.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • AI-powered matching
  • Conversation starter suggestions
  • Personalized news feed with relevant posts and events
  • AI content moderation to automatically detect and flag harmful posts
  • Smart chatbots for instant assistance and recommendations
  • AI-powered emotional analysis tools to improve social experience

📱 App example: TikTok

Best AI business ideas #2: E-learning apps

Traditional e-learning often lacks the adaptability to cater to individual learning needs. That’s why e-learning apps stand among the most popular AI business ideas. With the power of AI, an e-learning app can dynamically tailor content delivery, adaptive assessments, and real-time feedback, thereby optimizing learning outcomes and engagement.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • Personalized learning paths based on proficiency levels
  • AI-driven predictive analytics and adaptive assessments
  • Virtual tutors
  • Gamification and personalized rewards

📱 App example: Coursera

Best AI business ideas #3: Food delivery apps

Food delivery is quite a crowded niche so many entrepreneurs simply don’t consider these on-demand app services as valid AI business opportunities. Yet, it’s a missed chance. In fact, integrating AI into such an app can be a game-changer, giving you a competitive edge in the market. AI algorithms can optimize various aspects of a food delivery app, from streamlining order processing to improving delivery accuracy, ultimately elevating the overall service quality.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • Predictive ordering based on history, preferences, and contextual factors
  • AI-powered recipe customization and meal planning
  • AI-powered dynamic pricing and promotions
  • Predictive delivery tracking features
  • Generative AI assistants

📱 App example: DoorDash

Best AI business ideas #4: AI-powered workout planners

Gone are the days of generic workout plans. With AI at the helm, fitness enthusiasts can now experience tailor-made workout routines designed specifically for their individual goals and levels. These algorithms analyze users’ exercise history and physical capabilities to generate customized routines that not only optimize effectiveness but also minimize the risk of injury. This personalized approach is the reason why workout planners are among the most successful AI business ideas.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • Personalized workout plans
  • AI-driven exercise recommendations
  • Virtual fitness coaching
  • AI-powered goal tracking and progress monitoring

📱 App example: Nike Training Club

Best AI business ideas #5: Shopping assistants

Imagine an e-commerce experience that feels like having a personal shopping assistant by your side. Whether it’s a kids’ store or a building supplies store, AI will be relevant everywhere. By integrating this artificial intelligence business idea, you can provide tailored product recommendations, optimize inventory management, and create a seamless shopping journey both online and in-store.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Visual search and image recognition
  • Virtual try-on and augmented reality (AR) experiences
  • Intelligent customer service chatbots
  • Smart in-store navigation

📱 App example: Amazon

Best AI business ideas #6: AI-powered design apps

From UX/UI design services to interior and architectural design, AI is poised to streamline the way we create. With AI-powered design apps, creators can enjoy streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity. These apps can analyze trends, automate repetitive tasks, offer design suggestions, assist with layouts, and even generate 3D models. This will make the design process more efficient and accessible for designers of all levels.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

  • Image generation
  • AI-enhanced design suggestions
  • Smart object recognition
  • Smart color palette generation and matching
  • Interactive design prototyping with user behavior prediction
  • AI-powered design inspiration and trend analysis

📱 App example: Canva

Best AI business ideas #7: Smart writing assistants

Experience writer’s block? Need quick SEO optimization? Or grammar gremlins got you down? A smart writing assistant is a nice way out. Implementing this AI startup idea can offer invaluable guidance to writers by brainstorming ideas, proofreading, improving readability, optimizing for SEO, paraphrasing, and generating content automatically.

⚙️ Key AI features may include:

📱 App example: Grammarly

Best AI business ideas #8: Personalized investment advisors

Discover this and 7 more AI startup business ideas here and get the answers to the most frequently asked question about starting your own venture with the help of that technology.