SolveIt Launches a New Website Desktop

New Design

The modern, minimalistic design is devoid of bulky elements and heavy animations, which the old site was overloaded with.

SolveIt Before and After Redesign

Display on Mobile Devices

The developers paid special attention to the mobile version of Using its own website as an example, the company demonstrates its ability to create user-friendly smartphone interfaces.

Desktop and Mobile SolveIt Website

Revised Structure

Navigation has become more logical and intuitive. Visitors can quickly and easily find a detailed description of the services, a list of technologies used, engagement models, and a company portfolio. One can choose the portfolio display mode: as a carousel or a standard list.


SolveIt is an international company focused on the countries of Europe and North America. Currently, the site has full-fledged English and Russian versions, and two more, French and German, will be added soon. Additional language versions will make the site clear and convenient for clients from different countries.

Full Russian Version

Website Optimization

The site was developed to meet the new Google standards, Core Web Vitals, which clearly set out the requirements for websites. Optimization of all indicators helped increase the site loading speed and make it more user-friendly.



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