What to Choose: Freelancer or SME?


The most popular freelance platforms

  1. Guru
  • Cost-effective
  • Used by 3 million
  • Feedback scores
  • Flexible payment rates
  • For complex projects
  • Long-term contract options
  • General platform
  • Communicate online
  • International community
  • Job ratings
  • Huge range of services
  • Weekly gig list
  • Courses and tools
  • Top opportunities

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs main features

Engagement models

Dedicated team. Clients hire their own flexible team with the necessary skills and monthly cost. Clients have maximum control over the development process.

Development Process

1. The first stage is Discovery. It includes discovery calls, defining components, defining user roles and epics. This stage is the Technical Lead and UX Lead responsibility. The client is given a project estimate, NDA and a proposal.

Entrepreneur vs small business owner

Our expert’s comment:

From our personal experience, we have to admit that many companies after working with freelancers, turn to SMEs or agencies to find some more qualified work. Why does it happen? Well, the answer is simple: many freelancers combine their full-time work with some side projects. Thus, not everyone can manage their time rationally and devote the same amount of effort to each task on both sides. Deadlines are drawing out, quality of the work remains wanting. Following these on-the-ground problems, companies are approaching SMEs to find the right people who will dedicate all their time for the projects’ needs.


There are many ways to develop a project, whether it is a freelancer or SME’s company, the goal is the same — to make a quality product and fit within budget. In this article, we gave examples and tried to explain the difference. What is more important for you: saving money or getting transparent reports, you have to figure out for yourself.

Freelancer vs small business entrepreneur



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